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Food and Drink

At Buttercups we acknowledge the importance of giving children health building and delicious home cooked food. Every effort is made to ensure that this is in line with our child centred atmosphere.

We offer a summer and winter menu catering for any special dietry requirements. We provide the children with a variety of food and drinks, meeting the Gold Standard Snack Award approval. Buttercups currently has a 5 star food hygiene rating.

Our Current Menu: Monday: Snack - 9.30am - Buttered White/Brown Toast, Milk/Water; Lunch - 12pm - Salmon & Broccoli Pasta Bake, Fruit Crumble & Custard, Tea - 3pm - Vegetable crudites with assorted dips and bread sticks, Tinned Peaches. Tuesday: Snack - Rice Krispies, Milk/Water; Lunch - Sausage casserole mixed veg with mashed potatoes, Fruit Salad; Tea - 3 cheese ravioli with bread fingers, Chocolate Whip. Wednesday: Snack - Buttered Fruit Loaf, Milk/Water, Lunch - Chilli & Rice with nachos, Fruit Jelly; Tea - Pizza crumpets/muffins, orange welsh cakes. Thursday: Snack - Cornflakes, Milk/Water; Lunch - Moroccan bean lentil tagine with spiced cous cous, Fromage frais; Tea - Assorted sandwiches triangles, sliced bananas & grapes. Friday: Snack - Buttered drop scones, Milk/water; Lunch - Roast turkey with seasonal veg & boiled potatoes, lemon sponge and custard; Tea - Buttered crackers with cream cheese and cucumber slices, ice cream with chocolate sauce

At Buttercups, we believe that a healthy child is a happy child.